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women. art. change-making. home.


we begin with silence. then we live out loud.

STILL/WILD is predicated on the idea that a contemplative practice and cultural transformation

are equally important and inexorably connected.



Join us!

“Genuine contemplative persons, centers, and movements are crucial agents of social change and cultural transformation – on individual, national, and global levels.”

Tessa Bielecki



















Every day we are made more aware of unsustainable stress points on our planet and in our own lives. Around the globe, temperatures are climbing more quickly than expected,1 child dies every 5 seconds due to malnutrition, ninety percent of war casualties are civilians (almost half are children), and over 50 countries recruit children under 18 into their armed forces. In this country, 16.7 million children live in food insecure households, inequality persists, the immigration debate rages, and political parties are increasingly polarized and unwilling to engage in civil debate. The list goes on and on. 


In unprecedented numbers the world over, women are initiating a cultural (r)Evolution - quietly at home, loudly in the public arena, or both. They are doing so with increasing strength and power. Accompanying this power is a rising tide of consciousness, which recognizes that one's commitment to interior transformation informs and sustains one's commitment to global transformation. The process of interior transformation has, at its core, the spiritual (if not religious) entry into the contemplative or meditative dimension of our lives. In addition to bringing about a transformed state of consciousness, the practice enables us to bear a clear and increasingly consistent witness to the values we hold in common.


















To join the STILL/WILD movement:

1. Make a commitment to honor the quiet, contemplative dimension of your life by engaging in some sort of regular meditation/contemplative practice.

2. Bring the WILD, empyreal energy from your practice into every aspect of your life: Work, art, change-making, home. Go HERE.

3. Share your work and experience with the S/W tribe if you feel so led. (See Additional Suggestions.)

Additional Suggestions

4. Join the STILL/WILD Facebook Circle to connect with the S/W Tribe of women.

5. Follow S/W on Instagram (not required, obviously, but the photos are informative and, we hope, inspiring).

6. Reach out to Sara if you feel so led, either via the facebook circle or email. She is happy to correspond with you as you lean into both your Stillness and Wildness. Beginning and commiting to a regular contemplative practice can be hard - Sara is happy to be an involved, fellow traveler!

    • STILL/WILD, in the name of cultural (r)evolution, heartily welcomes all women, all non-binary folk - and all men, for that matter - interested in a committed STILL practice along with a concurrent focus on social and environmental justice.

    • At STILL/WILD, we're paying particular attention to those individuals and organizations bent on improving the status of women the world over - not only for the sake of women, but for the sake of all of us. More Chalice, less Blade, please.  (Riane Eisler, THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE). 

    • STILL/WILD considers all women both artists and change-makers. No matter what you do for work (paid and not), if you do your work artfully, you are an artist, and there is a way to use your artistry to bring joy and healing to the world. Same with change-making. Whether at home, in the community, or on the world stage, women have a daily opportunity for radical change-making. 

    • It is our deeply help belief that engaging in a daily contemplative practice is a radical act in and of itself. Begin one now.

    Welcome to the STILL/WILD Movement! 


    Pru Clearwater


    Out of the stillness comes a deep and abiding desire both CREATE and bring about CHANGE... At STILL/WILD, we celebrate ARTISTS who lead us into mythical worlds and create imaginal ones, bringing them in to our realm and expanding our idea of what’s possible. We also celebrate ACTIVISTS, who begin with a STILL practice and then position themselves on the frontlines of justice. 


    Samara Gaev

    Samara Gaev

    Samara Gaev is the founder of Truthworker Theatre Company and a prisoner rights advocate. "Working inside of a movement devoted to interrogating injustice," says Samara "it can be easy to abandon yourself in the name of caring for others. For those of us on the front lines of advocacy, social justice, and movement-building, if we don't practice mindfulness, we will undoubtedly burnout. We lose our capacity to listen deeply and appropriately respond."

    TONIC "You Can't Be an Activist Without Some Type of Mindfulness Practice" tonic.vice.com

    Jeannie Alexander

    Jeannie Alexander

    "I could not maintain a life lived only in the dynamic, transformative, sometimes explosive moments of my wildness. We must also be still, go deep, and let the texture and breadth of existence penetrate our bones. JEANNIE ALEXANDER: Ordained Wild Woman, Prison Abolitionist, Writer, Founder: No Exceptions Prison Collective, Co-founder: Harriet Tubman house.

    From the Founder

    "WILD is the inevitable result of STILL, so far as I can tell, in that one can maintain a contemplative (i.e. STILL) practice for only so long before feeling a passionate concern for justice,

    along with an inexorable call to serve—

    within one’s family, one’s community, or both.

    It is also true that our Wildness is informed, ideally, by our Stillness. Personally, my practice is the only hope I have of 'burning with righteous anger, but also loving beyond understanding,' as Julie Polter says.

    Let us be Still and Wild and ignited!"

    S/W Founder, Sara Sharpe